It is particularly critical that clean, organic and highly nutritious meals get to the food insecure in our greater community who for many, the nutritional deficit is significant.  From the field to the recipient within a week is the best way to retain the nutritional integrity of the produce Grateful Hearts works with.   We employ cooking practices and  methods to retain nutritional integrity within the parameters of our food safety practices.   Ingredients are carefully thought out and chosen to create meals that sustain, nurture and energize our recipients, not just fill an empty tummy with empty calories.  Consistent with the chef’s philosophy to keep meals “clean, colorful and close” GH will continue to design and document recipes that honor the organic produce donated with largely organic purchased ingredients.  “Recipes” will work in plant-based proteins that increase complete proteins, high in fiber, and lower the glycemic load.  


Each dish is sealed into 2 or 4 serving packages then frozen for delivery to Food Cupboards, Backpack Programs, and other organizations serving the food insecure.  Grateful Hearts food is cooked and distributed to recipients within a week of the vegetables leaving the farms.  Food is processed at the peak of it's nutritional profile.  There is no nutritional loss in freezing for safe transport.

Grateful Hearts employs sustainable practices throughout the operation.   Less than 10% of the vegetables donated are wasted.  All waste is either fed to livestock or composted.  From the soil it comes, back to nourishing the soil it goes.

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