Honoring the produce and those who produced it includes honoring the unwanted, bumped and bruised that does not sell at Farmers Markets and are culled from grocery shelves.  Grateful Hearts volunteers will pick up  the remains directly from the fields, receive donated produce left unsold from farmers markets and culled from grocery store shelves.  Over 4,000 lbs of produce was donated to Grateful Hearts in 2018.  


Vermont Act 148 now incentivizes businesses and residents to recycle waste.  Price Chopper donations of culled food to the Food Cupboard and Grateful Hearts has saved them thousands of dollars in disposal costs in 2018.


Grateful Hearts food scraps are returned to farms for animal feed and compost.  For every 500 pounds of produce donated, approximately 30 pounds is composted or returned as animal feed.

Grateful Hearts is an all volunteer organization. Contact us by clicking on the Volunteer button to contribute your time and talent to the Grateful Hearts mission.


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