"Clean, colorful and close" is the philosophy that drives the design and creation of dishes for Grateful Hearts recipients. Produce gleaned from local organic farms is transformed into nutritionally dense meals that energize and improves the vitality for recipients from students and families to seniors. From local organic farm fields to our pot within days retains nutrients that normally dissipate in the transport of produce to supermarkets.  Both donated produce and purchased ingredients are as organic as possible to keep the food clean and free of pesticides.  As we receive produce weekly from the fields, our recipients are nourished by the seasonal variety of vegetables.   


 In 2018, Grateful Hearts created over 34,000 servings from food that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Sustaining wellness for our recipients, the community and the planet is a key tenet in our cooking practices.  Grateful Hearts employs cooking practices to use as much as possible while wasting as little as possible.  We choose cooking practices to retain robust nutrient levels.  Recipes are designed to be colorful and delicious while making choices for clean ingredients, to maintain a low glycemic load, and include plant based proteins for complete one bowl meals.  

Grateful Hearts employs best practices in food safety standards.  

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